Getting Started

  • Become a member of the National LP, your state LP, and your county LP. (If there isn’t a county affiliate in your area, contact your state LP affiliate coordinator to find out how to get one started.)
  • If you agree with the Classical Liberal Caucus’s vision for the LP, join us here and a state or regional coordinator will get in touch with you to help plug you into the liberty movement.
  • Check out our guide to the basics of the Libertarian Party

Growing the Party

  • Become involved in your local party: attend as many meetings as you can, especially state and county conventions.
  • Remember, all politics is local: work with your local affiliate to become active in your community. Attending local government meetings, setting up a booth at the county fair, and other community outreach projects can help grow the party.
  • Donate: especially to your state and county affiliates!
  • Get involved with your state LP: take look at their list of needed volunteers to see if you have skills that match.
  • Consider becoming a State or National Delegate: Delegates decide the future of the party, whether that’s voting for the LNC Chair or changes to the platform.