The Classical Liberal Project is a CLC podcast that takes a look at news and talks to activists around the country!

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Danielle Is an artist and activist in Seattle pursuing happiness by making art and empowering others to meet their own needs with community and self-reliance as a regional coordinator for You Are The Power and member of the Classical Liberal Caucus.

Joshua Eakle

Joshua Eakle is an entrepreneur, marketing executive, and libertarian activist. As a business growth consultant, his career has spanned industries from transportation to manufacturing to retail. On the activism front, he’s a former state chairman for the Libertarian Party, a former talk radio host, and the co-founder of a grassroots lobbying firm that advocates for libertarian legislation at the state level.

Jonathan Casey

Jonathan Casey is the founder and Chair of the Libertarian Party Classical Liberal Caucus. Located in Dallas, he is the father of three who was homeschooled through grade school but unschooled in high school. As a college dropout, he became a small business owner after several years in management. His biggest influences are Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, and Ron Paul. He has worked and volunteered in the liberty movement for several years, specializing in communication. He founded the CLC to promote a professional and policy based message from the Libertarian Party.