Over the next few years, the Libertarian Party will have opportunities it could only dream of. With Republicans and Democrats descending into tribalism and authoritarianism, the Classical Liberal message of individualism will resonate that much stronger. We should not squander this opportunity by copying the duopoly, but by providing the strongest possible contrast.

The LP should reject the idea of messaging “to the left” or “to the right”. As the GOP and the DNC move towards their extremes, we have an ever-growing center filled with Americans looking for real world solutions. Let the GOP and DNC have their radicals. The Libertarian Party should focus on the majority of Americans: those who see both parties as the problem, not the solution.

That does not mean moderate or timid messaging; it means the opposite. We must move Americans to reject the left/right spectrum and to see the world for what it really is: liberty vs authoritarianism. For the past several hundred years, Classical Liberalism has done exactly that through its passionate defense of individual liberty. That defense, with its proven track record, is our own blueprint to success.

As Americans lose faith in Republicans and Democrats, this is precisely the time for Libertarian candidates to put forward real world solutions to everyday problems. We have the answers to crime, housing, cost of living, and healthcare. We must articulate those answers effectively. Voters want solutions to their everyday problems; they want to know how to pay their grocery bill, not the economic theory behind why it’s so high.

Founded in 2022, we are dedicated to growing the LP, holding the LP to the highest standard of professionalism, finding and developing effective communicators, and providing support and training for LP candidates and affiliates.


What do you believe?

We believe that the sole purpose of government is to protect the inherent natural rights of the individual. Read more about it on our platform.

Do you allow anarchists?

Absolutely. Anyone who shares our vision for the Libertarian Party is welcome to join us!

How do I join the caucus?

Just jump over here and join the movement!

How do I get involved with the LP?

Check out our guide to getting involved.