Defending the Integrity of Libertarian Party Leadership

On April 7th, Diane Sare, a candidate of the LaRouche Party for U.S. Senate in NY, announced an upcoming fundraising event on April 22nd, featuring the Chair of the Libertarian Party, Angela McArdle. This blatant disregard for party affiliation sets a dangerous precedent.

The Chair of the Libertarian Party must be held accountable for unethical behavior and support solely Libertarian candidates, not those of other parties. 

In the past, any Chair who was fundraising for a Green Party or Forward Party candidate would have been promptly removed from their position. Similarly, the resignation of any Staff or Officer campaigning and fundraising for a non-LP candidate would have been demanded by previous LNCs.

While it is acceptable to form issue-based coalitions with other parties, actively fundraising against Libertarian Party candidates is a direct betrayal of the Chair’s responsibility to lead and support the Libertarian Party.

The situation is further complicated by Diane Sare’s affiliation with the anti-Semitic and anti-libertarian LaRouche cult. And if Sare seeks the LPNY nomination, McArdle’s involvement in her fundraising event amounts to an endorsement over other potential LP nominees, which is entirely unacceptable.

There are only two ethical options for Angela McArdle: withdraw from this event immediately or resign from her position as Chair of the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party deserves a dedicated leader who provides unwavering attention and support, not one who fundraises for candidates of rival parties.

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